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Update - 50: Spring in Approach-Release

This week we help you to keep track of everything! In the future, two innovations in leadhub will support you in not losing sight of the essentials in the maze of information. The first is about responding to reviews on social media portals and the second is about the attributes for Google My Business profiles. 

New filter function for Social Review
Getting lots of reviews from lots of users is good for your business! Because if you collect a lot of customer reviews on your profiles, you will also become more visible to other users on the internet. Show your customers that their feedback is important to you by responding to as many reviews as possible. This is very easy with leadhub, because you only need a single login to publish your response on the most important portals directly from leadhub. So that you don't lose the overview even if you receive a lot of reviews, we have added a new filter function in the "Social" section. You can now use it to filter the reviews you receive according to whether you have already written a response or not. 

Of course, sometimes customer reviews are unpleasant. How do I react correctly to such negative reviews? We have already dealt with this topic in a previous issue of the Release Notes. You can find a summary of all the important information on this topic in our knowledge database under the keyword "Negative reviews - the right way to react".

New selection for Google Attributes
Google Attributes show important information about a company in the Google My Business profile at a glance - for example, also about which Corona protection measures are fulfilled in the respective company. In leadhub, you can select these keywords in the Additional Information tab. Depending on the selected main category of your location, a suitable set of attributes will be displayed there. New since this release is that leadhub automatically adjusts the displayed attribute set to the country in which your location is located. This means that you can only choose keywords that Google My Business supports in your country. 

Reminder: Yelp listing will be discontinued 
In the release notes in November, we already informed you that the recommendation portal Yelp will discontinue its international business listing for all partners outside the USA and Canada on 31 March of this year. So in a few days it will be time and from Wednesday next week it will no longer be possible to make changes to Yelp listings. Those who have booked the Yelp AddOn via leadhub do not have to worry about anything, the AddOn will automatically expire on the deadline.