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Update 47: February release

It's time for spring cleaning! This is an opportunity for you to check whether all the information about your companies and locations is up to date. Nothing is more annoying for customers than standing in front of a closed door, although according to the Internet the store or business should actually be open. Therefore, you should make sure that the opening hours of your companies and locations are always up-to-date in leadhub, so that they are correctly displayed on all important portals on the Internet. Do you manage a large workspace in leadhub? Don't worry, you don't have to contact each location individually! With its content campaigns, leadhub offers you the perfect solution for automatically querying opening hours - making spring cleaning a breeze. 

New this week: Google attributes extended with Corona protection measures
Before we start spring cleaning, we have one more piece of information for you regarding Corona measures. The need for sophisticated hygiene concepts for all SMEs with public traffic will probably accompany us for a long time. In leadhub, we have now extended the Google attributes accordingly, so that you can easily inform the customers of your locations and companies about the Corona protection measures taken.

The Google Attributes selection option is based on the main category you have chosen for your location. The new "Health and Safety" section within the attributes summarizes the Corona protection measures and is available for all main categories.

Content campaigns - automated opening hours query
Now it's time for spring cleaning: with leadhub's automated content campaigns, you can specifically request information from the locations in your workspace and ask them, for example, to check the accuracy of their opening hours.

The stored company or location contact receives a link to a landing page in your branding via email with a sender address you specify. Here he can update his opening hours, which are automatically saved in leadhub and transferred to the synchronized portals. The link is valid until the change or addition is made to the opening hours, even if your contact does not have a login to leadhub.

We adapt the logo and the color selection to your branding in the template for the automated content campaign, you can freely choose the sender address and the text of the e-mail.

Same function - even more benefits
Of course, the automated content campaign function can be used for more than just spring cleaning. You can just as easily enter special opening times for a specific period, for example on holidays or due to Corona-related restrictions.
Important for you to know: When setting up content campaigns, information must be stored in leadhub's database, for example, your desired address must be set up to send the emails. Therefore, the configuration of the campaign has to be done by us and may take a few days. Please keep this in mind when planning your content campaigns. Please contact our support, we will be happy to assist you.

By the way: Content campaigns should not be confused with content lists. Content lists are menus or price lists for products and services that you can create in leadhub for businesses to publish as part of the listing. You can find more information about this and a list of portals that support menus and price lists in our knowledge base in the article "Content lists (menu, products and services)" .