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Update 48: Crocus release

Those who diligently put bulbs in the ground last fall can rejoice in these spring-like warm days: from every corner the first crocuses stretch their colorful heads towards the spring sun. The efforts made in autumn are rewarded with these cheerful splashes of color! 

First the work - then the (visible) pleasure. That's how our leadhub developers feel right now. However, they are not digging in the ground, but tinkering with solutions and programming new components. However, it will take a few more sprints before the first results are visible in the user interface. The reward for our developers' efforts, however, will then please all users, because at the end of the working stretch, new functions will emerge from leadhub. You can be curious!

Spoiler alert: A major work step will be completed in two weeks. That's when our leadhub version 4.0 launches, taking us down a new technical path - more on that in the next release notes!

Statistics exports: Always up to date
Already available for everyone is the new data export of leadhub. With it, you can have certain statistics about the status of the companies and products in your workspace sent to you as a clear Excel list by e-mail at specified times. The following exports are possible: 

  • Expiring licenses
    With the export "expiring licenses" you will receive an e-mail with an attached list of licenses that will expire in the corresponding workspace in the next x months. It is a preview from a sales point of view, so that you can approach your customers in time and arrange follow-up licenses.
  • Low ratio of active portals
    With the export "low ratio of active portals" you will receive an email with a list of listing licenses with less than x % active portals to all portals of this license. It provides you with an overview of the listing licenses where the percentage of active portals is low and action may be required.
  • Statistics Export
    The statistics export generates an e-mail with an attached list containing the following statistics key figures: Company ID, Company Name, Site ID, Site Name, License ID, Clicks, Total Reach, Conversion, Conversion Detail (Google Route, Google Call, Google Website), CTR (Click Through Rate) and Engage. 

Are you interested in receiving one of these reports with data export at regular intervals? Then please contact our support, we will be happy to advise you on how to best configure the report for your needs and implement it accordingly for your workspace.  

By the way: The new data export is part of the message center, which has been available in leadhub for a long time. The message center can be used to create reports and alerts on various topics. For example, you can have a review alert sent when a review about your company is received on a social media portal. Or you can receive a report about how many visitors were on your entries. 

We send the reports and alerts by e-mail to the desired contacts. We use standardized templates for the dispatch. The highlight: We adapt the logo, the colors and the footer to your individual specifications. We can send the e-mail from a sender e-mail address of your choice. You can find out more about this in our knowledge base under the keyword Message Center - Reporting & Alerts.