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Update 49: leadhub 4.0-Release

The time has come: Our brand new leadhub version 4.0 is online. Countless hours of team meetings, headaches and development work have gone into the updated version of leadhub. What does it change for you? Actually nothing! We'll explain why in these release notes, and we'll also take a look at another new feature that was released this week. 

Into the future
Welcome to version 4 of leadhub! Admittedly: Shortly after the release, there were a few glitches. If this caused you any inconvenience, we apologize! Unfortunately, difficulties can often only be identified in the live system. If you still see messages starting with "i18" in leadhub, they should disappear as soon as you clear your browser's cache.

The changes we have made primarily affect the technical core of leadhub, which is not visible to the user. We have completely rebuilt this technology in the background and thus set the course for a promising future of leadhub. It may not be visible to the user, but a lot of complex work has gone into it. Among other things, we have ensured active error tracking and optimized performance monitoring. In other words, from now on, every user will benefit from more speed in our tool, while at the same time leadhub has become more resilient. With these changes, leadhub is ideally positioned to master all future challenges in digital site marketing.

On the second look
All the work we've been doing over the past few weeks has been implemented behind the scenes. But if you now take a closer look at the updated version, you will surely notice a few minor changes. For example, the appearance of the login interface has changed, but its functions remain the same. Also new are small details within the navigation. Have you noticed them yet? The best thing to do is to log in right now and start looking for the small but nice innovations in leadhub version 4.0.

Set to "temporarily closed
Independently of the new version 4, we have added a new field to the additional information of the locations, which is useful in connection with Corona. You've probably already noticed the "temporarily closed" notice on some Google My Business listings. From now on, you can also manage this notice for your GMB profiles via leadhub.

To do so, enter the date until which the location is temporarily closed in the opening hours tile. Attention: Don't forget to save it afterwards ;-) ! Please note that not all portals support this field, so unfortunately not all synchronized websites take over the info about the temporary closure.
If a site is permanently closed, you will find a corresponding field in leadhub under "General information".