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Update 51: April does what it wants release

April does what it wants: in the middle of this week, snow in leadhub's Nuremberg home; at the end of the week, bright sunshine again. We didn't let ourselves be distracted by the ups and downs, so that this week, too, there are new developments from leadhub. It's all about responses to reviews in portals and cancelling SEA campaigns. We also have news from our listing partner yext.

Editable rating response
With today's release, it is possible to change responses to reviews in portals even after the fact via leadhub. Any user who has access to a review response can edit it and change the text of the response. To do this, simply click on the pencil icon in the corresponding response, edit the text and click on Save. When editing the text, it doesn't matter if you are the author of the original text or if it was a colleague from your team, for example. 

Cancellable SEA campaigns
Booked is booked - that was previously the law for SEA campaigns set up via leadhub. Only a pause of the campaigns was possible so far. We have now repealed this law, because from now on it is possible to cancel active SEA campaigns prematurely. However, only from the end of the corresponding budget cycle, this is for billing reasons with our partner Matchcraft. 

If you want to end a campaign prematurely, click on "Remove". The license status will change to "Expires" and the end date of the license will change to today's date. But beware. The actual end date is not the same as the license end date, which is related to the budget cycle. Therefore, about five minutes after clicking "Remove", leadhub will show you a notice that the license is still active until the date "YYYY-MM-DD". This corresponds to the end of the current budget cycle, after which the cancellation is activated and the SEA campaign expires after the current budget cycle.

Extendable portal list
Our listing partner yext has announced its spring release for the second half of April. This includes some collaborations with new network partners, which we will of course also make available to our leadhub users. For you as a listing customer, this means that you will be able to synchronize with the following portals in the future: 

Acompio, an Open Business Directory. The new integration with Acompio supports name, address, phone number, company description, business hours, photos and logo.

nDrive, a leading provider of map and GPS data. The new integration with nDrive supports name, address, phone number, company description, real-time updates, business hours, photos and logo. 

T-Online Branchen, one of Germany's largest online news portals with over 179 million visits per month. The new integration with T-Online Branchen supports name, address, phone number, company description, duplicate suppression, reply to reviews, business hours and photos. However, at the beginning of the cooperation only entries in Bonn, Bremen, Chemnitz, Essen and Cologne are supported. 

In addition, there is news about the partnership with the portal Das Örtliche: Here, the suppression of duplicates will no longer be supported in the future.
In addition, Foursquare and Factual have merged in 2020 and jointly founded the new company called Foursquare Labs. Thus, the portal Factual will disappear from the listing list.