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Update 52: The toolbox becomes heavier-release

leadhub is now also your tool for social ads! We like to compare leadhub to a well-stocked toolbox that has everything you need for successful online marketing at your fingertips. Have you noticed that your toolbox has gotten heavier in the last few weeks? Probably not, and no wonder: we've added the weighty tool that allows you to control Facebook Ads via leadhub. You can read more about it in these release notes. A flyweight new feature in comparison concerns the list of company ratings, which we've expanded this week. 

Social ads: targeted and customized
Social ads are ads in social media portals that target the people you want to reach. This is because, unlike other online advertising, they don't just select the addressee according to his or her search queries on the web. Social ads evaluate information that the user himself provides on the social media portal and determine the target group of the ad according to socio-demographic data such as age, gender, place of residence, interests and much more. In this way, your advertising message lands with the users and ONLY with the users you want to address! Your advertising budget is thus used precisely. 

Social Ads with leadhub: optimized and clearly defined
leadhub enables you to run social ads on Facebook with the help of campaigns and clearly defined budget targets within a selected campaign period. The campaigns are broadcast in cooperation with our partner matchcraft. They are displayed to your clearly defined target group in their Facebook newsfeed in a look-a-like of a regular Facebook post.

Two requirements must be met in order for you to create Facebook Ads via leadhub: First, the appropriate license must be stored in leadhub for your workspace. For this, it is best to contact our support, they will be happy to assist you. Secondly, your location must have a Facebook page whose URL must be stored in leadhub for the social ad campaign. Before the campaign can start, leadhub automatically sends a message to the Facebook page owner asking for permission to create Facebook Ads on behalf of the business. 

Three steps to the finished ad
Once these two requirements are met, you create your social ad in just three steps: 
1. book the appropriate license for your site and set the budget you want to spend on your campaign each month. 
2. create a segment that you link to the URL of your Facebook page. Here you also define your target audience by specifying appropriate demographic data. 
3. you specify the content of your ad with title, description text, target URL and image as well as a call-to-action button.   
That's it! The ad will be played out according to your defined campaign timeframe. 

Curious now? Feel free to contact us or your partner manager and we will explain the details to you. 

Extended list of company ratings
leadhub users who manage large companies with multiple locations of the same name will be pleased: With the current release, we have expanded the list in the Social section, which shows all the ratings of the individual locations. From now on, it will also show you the respective address and, if available, the external ID. This makes it easier for you to see which rating belongs to which location.