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Update 54: Extensions-Release

Today's release notes are about location extensions. Wondering what that means? Very good, because we explain it in this newsletter. You have been working with SEA for a long time and know exactly what is meant by Location Extension? Great, then it will be interesting for you in the second part of the release notes, when we show a new leadhub function on this topic.

What are Location Extensions?
When we talk about location extensions, we mean location extensions that supplement a Google ad with information such as the address and phone number of a location. The advantage of this is obvious: Your customer reads your Google ad, his interest is aroused and without having to search for further information, he can call the company directly or visit the location - because he sees all the important information at first glance. Example bakery: The customer reads the description of delicious cookies in the Google ad and spontaneously decides to drop by the store. The location extension shows him the way. If the user clicks on the displayed address, it is called up in Google Maps.


What is the new function?
Another example: An online mail order company for printer cartridges places a Google ad with its current offers. Since he doesn't have a retail store, he doesn't want customers to drop by spontaneously. He also doesn't want them to call him, but to order his products online on his website. Therefore, he does not want his Google Ad to display the location extensions. No problem for leadhub since the current release! In the products tab for SEA licenses you now have the option to suppress the synchronization of location data. If the corresponding slider is activated, no location extensions will be played.