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Update 56: Midsummer Release

This week, the release notes are fluttering into our inbox under the catchphrase "Midsummer Release". The summer is doing everything it can to make our developers sweat. The new developments of the past few days have not been affected by the heat and thus leadhub shines after the current release with an optimised sorting of the company list, a batch processing for Google attributes and a facilitation for users who also work in the yext partner portal.

Optimised company list
Now it's clearer: We have optimised the company list so that all companies within a workspace are displayed sorted by their entry date. The basis for this is the ID automatically created by leadhub - the more recent the company was entered, the larger the ID. With the help of the small blue arrow, you can choose yourself whether your companies should be sorted in ascending or descending order according to their entry date.

By the way: Because we were optimising, we also improved the global search in the header of leadhub. Especially for terms that occur more frequently, the search should now be easier for you. Just try it out!

Batch editing for Google attributes
Our next point is about the extension of a function that might not be known to all leadhub users: the batch edit, or bulk edit, which we have extended to include Google attributes. In short, you can now edit the Google attributes of multiple sites at once in just one step.

Here's how it works in detail:
In leadhub, you select the locations you want to edit via the location overview. As soon as you have selected at least two locations, the button "Edit locations" appears. This will take you to the bulk edit.

In the new window you select which information you want to edit for all locations at the same time. In this case, we select Google Attributes and click on "Done" to get to the window for managing Google Attributes.

The possible selection of Google Attributes always depends on the saved main category and the corresponding country. As soon as different locations have the same main category, you can set the Google attributes to uniform values by batch editing. The available list is displayed via the link "Manage attributes".

Important on the topic of bulk edit: You can adjust several different pieces of information in the same step via batch editing. However, this does not apply to the main category and the Google attributes in combination. Because the former requires the latter, these two pieces of information must be edited in two separate steps, one after the other.

Link to the yext partner portal
Our last novelty point in the midsummer release is interesting for all those who have both the user role "Subscription Additional Functions" and use an account in the yext partner portal parallel to leadhub. For all those, annoying searching is now a thing of the past. Under the link "Advanced settings" in leadhub you will find a link that automatically initiates a search on yext and leads you to the corresponding location entry in your yext account with just two clicks.