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Update 57: July-Release

This week we'll tell you about two new developments that have just been added to leadhub. On the one hand, it's about tags that allow filtering of locations and on the other hand, it's about the expansion of the statistics area of leadhub, specifically for the website product. From now on, detailed conversion key figures are available here.

By the way: The statistics area in leadhub is a big playground! Just click through the different options, you'll be amazed how much feedback leadhub gives you about your booked products - and especially how colorful the numerous graphics are ;-) You can find a detailed guide to the statistics section in our knowledge base.
But for now, our two new features are in the spotlight.   


Filtering locations and reviews with tags
If you manage companies with many locations in leadhub, your work will be much easier if you categorize the locations with the help of tags. From now on, you can not only filter by tags within the location overview, but also have your received reviews selected by tags in the "Social" area. The goal in both cases is to display the locations or reviews for locations for a specific tag. A combined view of multiple tags and the associated locations or reviews is now also possible.

Before you can use the tags to categorize, you need to define them for your company. To do this, go to the company level in the tile of the detail view and create the desired tags there. Then switch to the location level and activate the corresponding tags so that they are highlighted in green. Now you can start filtering.

Advanced key figures for conversion on websites
So that you can keep an eye on the success of your online marketing at all times, leadhub offers you meaningful statistics for the products Listing, CallTracking, ListingPortal, Advertisement, ReachEnhancement and Website. For each company in all work areas, we provide you with meaningful key figures and clear graphics under the menu item "Statistics", depending on the booked product.  

With the current release, we have expanded the statistics with key figures that provide you with feedback on the conversion on your websites. Thanks to the new figures, you can find out not only how many visitors were on your website, but also how many and which actions - i.e. conversions - they performed there: 

  • Click to Call is the total number of clicks on a phone number.
  • Click to Contact is the total number of clicks on email address or contact form submission.
  • Click to Map is the total number of clicks on maps on the website.
  • Click on internal link is the total number of clicks on internal links that lead to destinations within the same web page.
  • Coming soon: Click on external link is the total number of clicks on customer website, external imprint page and external privacy page.

As with all other metrics that leadhub provides you with, you can also set the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) for the conversion statistics on your website, as well as filter different time periods and display them as an enumeration or in the graph.