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Update 58: Feedback-Release

We called this release the feedback release because we've been taking feedback from leadhub users for the past few weeks.
We always take a close look at suggestions from users, after all, you are the ones who work with leadhub on a daily basis. We check the suggestions for feasibility and, if possible, implement them in leadhub at the appropriate time. How long this process takes depends on which new developments our team is currently working on. But it is important to us to always free up time for this in our tightly knit roadmap. The following user suggestions have made it into this release:

1. changes in the menu
The first adjustments after user feedback concern the menu of leadhub. Firstly, we have rearranged the order of individual menu items, so that the item "Company" is now sorted below "Workspace" - from the hierarchical logic, this makes more sense.
Secondly, the active submenu item is now marked with a blue border, even if you navigate directly to the subpage - for example by entering the URL. The blue bar remains visible when you jump further within this submenu item.

It happens again and again that company names are extra looooong - like in the example above. In the menu bar there is not enough space for the complete company name and it is cut off. So that you can be sure that you are in the right company area in the future, leadhub now displays the complete name in a mouseover field with a black background.

Using the three small crossbars in the top bar of leadhub right next to the search, you can hide the menu completely to have a wider view of the user interface. Previously, the menu would reappear when you clicked into another area on the page. At the suggestion of a leadhub user, we have now changed this. The menu remains hidden until you actively show it again via the three small bars.

2. enhanced display for calltracking
The next optimization concerns the assignment of a listing license to a calltracking product - i.e. the selection of which calltracking number should be played for which listing. This concerns the case where several listing licenses with, for example, different start and end dates are assigned to a customer. In this case, not only the names of the corresponding licenses are displayed, but also their respective IDs. This makes it easier for you to make a selection.

3. optimization for smaller screen sizes
Even with smaller screen sizes, the names of the input fields are now displayed completely, which were previously abbreviated. It was understandable before, but now it is just nicer.

News from our partner yext
Our listing partner yext has announced the decision to discontinue business in China in the future and thus also to remove Chinese publishers from their network. Listings in Chinese portals will still be played out until November 30, 2021. After this date, yext will deregister the Chinese publishers from the network. The following portals are affected: Fliggy,, Mafengwo, Baidu, CK Maps.