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Update 61: Coming Soon: Personalized Videos and Self-Service Portal as White Label

The countdown is on, there are only a few days left until leadhub becomes Markee. Next Wednesday, September 1, the time has come: Turquoise blue will be replaced by mint green. As we already wrote in the last release notes, nothing will change for you as a user except name and color. But of course our developers are not only busy changing logos and coloring buttons at the moment. You can read a preview of the major components they are currently working on in these release notes.

Your location in moving pictures
Moving images are magically attractive and also attract users' attention enormously on the Internet. Videos are therefore becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. In the future, we will also meet this trend with our Service Cloud - then already Markee. We are currently working with our partner Dynamic Video on a product for personalized corporate videos, which you will be able to book in the branding of your locations via Markee in the future. Of course, this will be standardized and automated in order to keep the effort for you as low as possible and at the same time achieve a high impact. Is a corporate video with logo, slogan, contact and address information as well as references to social media profiles also interesting for your location? Feel free to contact us.

Self-service portal for end customers
Another construction site that our developers are currently working on will be a real milestone for us. This fall, we will launch our self-service portal, which will allow end customers to manage their data and book their products independently. We're making the portal available as a white-label solution so that your end customers can work with it in your branding.

End customers manage their data themselves in the clearly laid out screen. In the future, they will also be able to use the portal to book listings, manage their social media activities, write rating responses and view clear statistics on their marketing activities.

We are on the home stretch for both new developments and are already very excited about the new tools that will soon complement our tool set. We still have to be patient, but we are already looking forward to presenting the new video product and our self-service portal soon.